Commercial Litigation and Dispute

FPG Solicitors understands that there are times when individuals and businesses need to claim against another or defend a claim. We are experts in business litigation and can assist in resolving all types of disputes, aiming to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Upon assessing your claim or your defence we will:

  • Advise as to the best way to proceed;
  • Advise on cost implications;
  • Guide you through the best steps to take, including entering into mediation or arbitration (Alternative Dispute Resolution);
  • Communicate with the other side or their solicitors to try and resolve matters prior to the issue of proceedings;
  • Should it be necessary for proceedings to be issued, we will vigorously represent your interests.

There are different cost options that can be considered these include:

  • Paying privately on an hourly rate;
  • An agreed fixed fee;
  • Conditional Fee Agreement (Traditional No Win No Fee); and
  • Damages Based Agreement (We will retain a percentage of your damages on success).


All fee options will be discussed with you in detail to ensure that we proceed using the best option for both you and us.

To start your claim today, call to speak with one of our legal experts on 0203 538 3807, or simply fill out our online form.