Business Retainer for Legal Services

Businesses often find themselves in need of having to ask for legal advice without the need for further instruction following the receipt of the advice. These smaller legal issues arise at the most inconvenient times and sometimes all you need is a lawyer at the other end of a phone. FPG Solicitors offer our own “in-house solicitor” service and will be at the other end of the line for your legal queries.

We offer the following “in-house” services:

  • Advice on employment issues as and when they arise, including disciplinary procedures.
  • Advice on HR issues as and when they arise.
  • Advice on complaints received in relation to your services.
  • Advice on negotiation of new contracts and potential legal risks of entering into such contracts.
  • Initial advice on claims which you may want to make or on claims which have been made against you.
  • Advice on Health & Safety and other regulatory issues.

This is not an exhaustive list and we will be happy to advise on legal issues as and when they arise.

The cost of the retainer is from £250.00 per month

Please note that the retainer will only cover the cost of general enquires in their initial stages. Should you have a matter which requires a more in depth analysis, advice and work, we will negotiate separate terms with you.

The FPG Solicitors Business Retainer is a low cost tool which puts legal advice and services at your fingertips. You will always have the ability to speak to a solicitor and we will act as your “in-house” lawyers on your general business issues.